Give straight jump access to the point since i don’t have much time for babble.

Disclaimer: This article is not for you on the off chance that you are some what happy however needs to be more happy. Furthermore, in the event that you are as of now unhappy, at that point there is no purpose behind you to be here on the grounds because that is precisely what i’m going to tell people here.

So in the event that you are with me. That 0.000001% people from the entire universe that really needs to be unhappy how about we bounce into the theme.

Step # 1 Quit Your Employment.

I know this is benevolent a conspicuous one in light of the fact that through occupation we procure cash and through cash we gets a kick out of the chance to purchase happiness.

I intend to state that there are two sorts of individuals in this world. One sorts are the individuals who just purchase what they require for living and safe all the rest for something. I don’t know they may be wants to take money to their graves or something. The second sort resemble me who acquire cash to purchase joy. For my sort of people who think that they only have one day to be alive and we do whatever the hell we want. For us, happiness is to purchase costly tech,expensive watches, costly tablets and whatever the hell there is in this world. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT IT NEED TO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. I think now you got the point.

So leaving your place of employment will help both of those sorts. So now you don’t have work. Yet regardless you still have all of your flashy toys  and spared cash to survive. so here comes the following stage.

Step #2 Burn Everything !!

No doubts at all !! when i say burn, I am actually instructing you to get your big butt out of this chair and burn everything that you have. No!! don’t consider giving the cash or giving your costly toys to donation because that will makes you glad and blessed, just remember that we need to be unhappy.

i have a superior thought btw A KILLER IDEA…… do this !!!!

Ask around if anyone have any cash on them. Beg for it.. No for real go outside and beg for the money. Ask your family if they have some. Hell !! get cash from bank as well in the event that you have a Excellent credit and afterward put every one of them in a major square box!! yes the case in which your enormous 60″ television came in. include all your contraptions and toys and now burn everything!!!

Gracious hold up i neglected to specify that do such a lot of burning thingy inside your home or apartment so that your home or apartment will likewise bursts into flames and don’t call 911 not yet!! well you can call 911 and disclose to them that precisely what you did and you’ll be in prison for i figure rest of your life i think, however that is the easy path alternate way to be miserable. what’s more?? i’ll assurance you that by doing this you won’t get the full taste of unhappiness. Decision Is Yours !

In the event that i see you in my next article i ll know that you have those balls and you are prepared for the subsequent stages!!

well i ll see you on my next piece of this article where i’ll give you facilitate directions 😉

Till then enjoy this happiness because you won’t get it again :).