My English Is Not Good !!


I knew it !!!!

I knew that when i m going to start a new blog my friends going to read and will tell me that ” boy your English grammar is not good”

you know what !! that really happened today !

but who cares right ?

Actually i care. I care that my message and the things i m trying to tell is delivered.

i know language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

For me ? for me the language is just a tool which i use it to deliver my message across the board. i dont care if its grammatically wrong or structured in a weird way. Until and unless the other person gets my message and understands what i m trying to say. That is the only thing matters to me.

But yes ! i understands my friends point of view as well. She just wants me to be right, that is why she said that. i get it, because yes in a long run i have to learn about sentence structures and grammar to reach more people.

but hey that time didn’t came yet !! 😛

when its here, ill call you and will learn from you 🙂


Question of today: Does good grammar and structured sentence matters to you ?

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Who Am I !! Why I Created This !!

Well !! my name is rohal. I created this site because i want to say things. Things which i wanted to say to the world. i have so much inside me i just wants to talks. I designed this site not just for my talking. I also wants my friends opinion. Friends? yes you are my stranger friends. So yes this is kind of a medium where we talk to each other.

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